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Asbestos Management Conference

Tuesday 26th November 2019

Harbourside Function Centre,  Wellington


Asbestos Awareness Week 2019

The Asbestos Management Conference is one of the key education activities as part of Asbestos Awareness Week. The conference aims to drive improvements in the management of asbestos in buildings and workplaces throughout New Zealand.

  • Industry Professionals 

  • Health & Safety Managers

  • Building Owners

  • Business Owners

  • Property Managers

  • Facilities Managers

  • Project Developers


$140 +GST Early Bird

$160 +GST General Sale


Tuesday 26th Nov 2019


Harbourside Function Centre

4 Taranaki Street


Asbestos Compliance as part of Building Renovation or Demolition Works  

Industry Speaker

Counting the Cost of Non Compliance: When a Surveyor or Removalist Gets it Wrong

Chris Donne, Protec Consulting

Managing Asbestos Waste - Potential for Treating Asbestos

Terri-Ann Berry & Shannon Wallis, Unitec 


Current State of the Asbestos Industry

Rikki Jones, President of the NZDAA 

Asbestos Management in New Zealand

Rob Birse, Worksafe New Zealand 

Managing an Asbestos Portfolio Across Multiple Properties or Locations

Grant Craig & Rob Oudshoorn, University of Canterbury

Overlapping Duties for PCBUs  

Rob Birse, Worksafe New Zealand 

Emergency Response to Asbestos Exposures in a Building or Workplace

James Campbell, New Zealand Restoration Services

Counting the Cost of Non Compliance: Legal Perspectives

Nick Laing, Duncan Cotterill

Health Concerns - Is Silica the New Asbestos?

Professor Ian Shaw, University of Canterbury

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 4.26.28 PM.png

Professor Ian Shaw, University of Canterbury

Professor Ian Shaw is an author, broadcaster and academic. He has worked in government science, the pharmaceuticals industry and in several universities.  He is currently Professor of Toxicology at the University of Canterbury. Ian will outline the history of asbestos and its use in New Zealand which frequently led to asbestosis in exposed workers. He will then explore how airborne asbestos fibres get deep into the lungs causing severe irritation (asbestosis) and then drill their way through lung tissues, eventually impacting the mesothelial cells that line the lung’s surface. He will show how asbestos fibres interfere with genes in the mesothelial cells leading to their uncontrolled proliferation and the initiation of the inevitably fatal cancer, mesothelioma. Finally, he will draw similarities between asbestos fibres and some sharp silica fibres which lead to silicosis, and warn that workplace exposure to airborne silica might be the precursor to a new wave of mesothelioma.


Terri-Ann Berry & Shannon Wallis, Unitec

Terri-Ann Berry is Associate Professor and Director of Environmental Solutions Research Centre (ESRC-Unitec) and a Chartered Chemist and Environmentalist. She leads a research team (including PhD candidate, Shannon Wallis) on an MfE funded project on asbestos disposal options. Shannon Wallis is a qualified civil engineer and PhD candidate at the University of Canberra. A member of the ESRC, she helps to lead an international consortium of international experts in asbestos related issues. Her main interests lie in connecting ongoing asbestos research with issues associated with other asbestiform minerals in New Zealand and providing solutions for safe transportation and disposal (or treatment). Together they will present on the hazards and toxicology of asbestos and discuss the potential for long-term disposal versus treatments.

Cropped Nick Laing Nelson (_7802783_1).J

Nick Laing, Duncan Cotterill

Nick is a civil and commercial litigator. He has particular construction sector expertise from his work resolving disputes in this area. He acts on health and safety matters (including defending prosecutions) for businesses in the construction, civil engineering, and forestry industries. Nick was seconded to MBIE and assisted in the policy development and drafting of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2016. Nick has provided training and workshops to Boards, senior managers and staff in large corporates and small businesses alike. Nick will discuss recent trends and developments in enforcement/prosecutions for asbestos related incidents.

The organisers of Asbestos Awareness Week would like to acknowledge and thank our industry support partners for their continued support and for helping to promote and share the asbestos awareness message to their networks and contacts.

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