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26th November 2019

Are You Asbestos Aware

If you are a tradesperson working in homes or properties, or you are a DIYer doing any home renovations - you need to learn where asbestos can be found and what to look for.


Before drilling, sanding, sawing or knocking down walls, always assess your work environment for asbestos.

Exposure to asbestos dust can cause serious health issues including cancer. It is New Zealand’s number one workplace killer with with around 170 people dying each year from asbestos-related diseases. 67% of all cases reported to the national asbestos register are tradespeople. 

• Always Consider Asbestos.     • Minimise the risk.     • Get Asbestos Aware Today. 

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is term for a naturally occurring rock-forming mineral that has been has been minded extensively around the world and used for thousands of years. 






As part of Asbestos Awareness Week we are running the Asbestos Management Conference which is designed to provide business and building owners, property managers and facilities managers education and improve their understanding and asbestos responsibilities and obligations under the H&S at Work Act. 

  • Around 170 people die each year in New Zealand from asbestos-related diseases.

  • Exposure to asbestos dust can cause serious health issues including various forms of cancer such as lung, larynx, and ovarian cancers.

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